The MEN OF COLOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization to build a strong network of Men Of Color Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations to collaborate and operate for charitable and educational purposes.

The nonprofit’s innovative project is to continue establishing its After School Business Education and Entrepreneurship Program. The mission of the program is to provide After School Business Education and Entrepreneurship classes currently for Middle School Students from poor, low-income households and economic disadvantage communities.

The United Way Worldwide and its local offices have conducted several after school programs throughout the country and documented in its “Out-of-School Time Issue Brief” that after school programs have a strong impact on positive growth and academic achievement.


I, Keith "Tsaike" Brundige, have been in the Education System in Northern Virginia as a Substitute Teacher for seven years. It has allowed me to travel to several schools throughout Alexandria City and Fairfax County to teach and observe the schools’ structures and programs. Through my observations, I have noticed a lack of Business Education and Entrepreneurship Classes for Middle and High School Students of Color.


During the 2016 – 2017 school year, the nonprofit collaborated with the Reach And Rise For Excellence After School Math Program and completed its Business Education and Entrepreneurship pilot program at F.C. Hammond Middle School in Alexandria, Va. The program explored, taught, educated and guided students on business basics and how to turn their likes, hobbies, habits and interests into career paths and business ideas.


The nonprofit will serve an average of 15 to 25 business-interested and high academic status students at Middle Schools in Northern Virginia.


The nonprofit’s innovative After-School Business Education and Entrepreneurship Program will explore students' likes, hobbies, habits, and interest and use entrepreneurship tools to develop skills for the business industry. This curriculum will plant seeds of entrepreneurship and business ownership in the minds of the students. 

The program plans to work with middle and high school students until high school graduation. As students move up in grades, the program will become more advance to match their grade level. The nonprofit plans to continue and expand its After-School Business Education and Entrepreneurship Program to other Middle and High Schools and Mentoring Programs throughout the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.


To teach, educate, influence, train and mentor Students of Color about Business Education and Entrepreneurship. Students will learn basic business development skills through classroom learning, project development and business field trips.

Classes will be taught by a Business Professional with 1 to 2 Instructional Assistants depending on the class size. Classes will focus on middle school level business curriculum. Classroom activities will also include: role play exercises and project development which will enable students to recognize their interests, likes, habits and hobbies, and how they relate to the business industry.

Teachers and instructors will be highly effective to engage students in reflective discussions about issues, concerns and conflicts depicted in student’s lives and how they relate and can be converted into business development skills. Students will begin to better understand how business operates.

Students will also learn positive growth techniques such as: self –awareness, self-discipline, creativity, strategic thinking, forecasting, teamwork and social behavior. Students will be able to express themselves through and take ownership of their projects. The program will motivate students with building business ownership interest. Discussions will also include college and workplace preparation.

Course Outline

Course I - Pre-Assessment

Lesson I: Self – Image - Students will explore and discover attributes about themselves to include: self-esteem, emotions, body images, personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

Lesson II: Business Language Arts - Students will use Language Arts techniques in business situations and stories. Techniques: vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking, information gathering and writing.

Lesson III: Business Mathematics - Students with apply mathematical operations and concepts to business finances and situations.

Course II - Business

Lessons IV - IX:  Business 101 - Students will learn business basics of: profit equation, design; manufacturing; marketing; advertising; and sales.

Lesson X: Business Plan - Students will learn and develop the basic business plan components: company name, product, customers, competition, marketing, advertising and sales. 

Lesson XI: Projects: - Students will work on projects such as: supply and demand; productivity and sales.

The program will operate during the 2018 – 2019 school year, 1 to 2 days per week, and 1 to 2 hours after school. The timeframe and length of the program may vary depending on availability of space, teachers & instructor assistants, supplies, funding, and other needs.

Program Celebration: Curing the final week of the program, the nonprofit and school staff will organize an event to celebrate the students’ new skills and projects. Students will display their new skills through their business projects to their parents, the public, school staff, teachers and instructor assistants.


Present – 2011 – Substitute teaching grades K – 12 in all subjects in Alexandria City and Fairfax County Va.

Present - 2018 - Tutoring Math, Science and English to Elementary, Middle and High School Students at Alfred Street Baptist Church, Alexandria, Va

2018, 2017, 2016 February – Volunteered: Seminar Monitor, Transcript Assistant, College Recruiter Assistant for Alfred Street Baptist Church’s – Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) Annual Festival

2017 May –2017 November - Teacher at Eyelevel Learning Center in Alexandria, Va. Taught Math and English to Elementary and Middle School Students.

2017 July – Monitored students and hallway traffic control, Vacation Bible School, Alfred Street Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA

2016 October – 2017 May - Completed pilot program at F.C. Hammond Middle School in Alexandria, Va. Partnered with Concerned Citizens Network of Alexandria (CCNA) in its Reach And Rise For Excellence After School Math Program and taught Business Education and Entrepreneurship and guided students on how to turn their likes, hobbies, habits and interests into career paths and business ideas.

Assisted in leadership and mentoring Key Middle School Boys in its After School Band Of Brothers Leadership and Mentoring Program in Fairfax County, Va

2016 May - 2014 September - Instructed Kappa Alpha Psi Junior Kappa League in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math - S.T.E.M. program at Patrick Henry Elementary School in Alexandria, Va

2015 – Developed Curriculum and lesson plans for Business Education and Entrepreneurship After School program

2014 – 2013 - Prepared to launch nonprofit: developed business plan, prepared 1023 application for 501(c) 3 tax exempt status, attended nonprofit workshops and training, completed nonprofit course at Northern Virginia Community College

2013, March – 2013 June – Fitness & Nutrition Instructor – Taught nutrition, design and conducted fitness obstacle course for 25 middle school boys for the Future Kings Mentoring Program at Beville Middle School in Dale City, Va

2014 September – 2012 September – Volunteer Mentor for Elementary, Middle & High School Boys for the Untouchables Mentoring & Leadership Program at Charles Houston Recreation Center in Alexandria, Va

2012, August 7 - The nonprofit participated as a vendor in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department’s Citywide Kickoff National Night Out – Crime Prevention Festival

2012 – 2011 - The Men Of Color Business Network has given Presentation and Recruitment seminars in libraries throughout Washington D.C.:

           June 12, 2012 – Father’s Day, Men Of Color Business Network Fair, Anacostia Library

           February 16, 2012 – Black History Month program, Anacostia Library, Southeast

           June 3, 2011 – Father’s Day program, Martin Luther King Library, Northwest

           February 17, 2011 – Black History Month program, SouthEast Library, Eastern Market